The lovely Maureen not only gave me acupuncture to treat my pregnancy aches and pains as well as the opportunity for a relaxed power nap, but she even came to my rescue to help me with my shopping bags today after my appointment! See you next week unless baby arrives first!

L.K., Cavan

As a person who hates needles I get Acupuncture for my knees and find it brilliant for killing the pain. I had serious pain in my right knee, 10 on the pain score, tears in the eyes pain. I was finally convinced by Maureen Fanthom to have acupuncture and the difference is unbelievable. I would …

D.G., Cavan

Thank you once again for the acupuncture treatments. No allergies or hay fever at all. It’s been brilliant. Cured my fear of needles!

L.C., cavan