L.D., Cavan

Acupuncture for sinus … yes, please! 😁

I can’t believe how much instant relief that I have gained for my chronic sinus through acupuncture!

I’ve had sinus issues for a number of years now and have had all the usual nasal sprays, saline rinses, antibiotics, affected smell and taste, etc. But I have to say, the instant relief of the sinus pressure after the acupuncture treatment is incredible😁

I’ve had 3 sessions already and I’m looking forward to another this week! Can’t believe I am even saying that as needles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, including mine, but I can tell you the benefits far outweigh the needles!!!!

I do say its like being able to see in “4D” when you open you eyes afterwards as everything’s so clean and clear.😁

Thanks so much to Maureen for helping me to experience the most relief I’ve ever had from sinus pain!